Neurodevelopmental Systems Biology Lab

Our research focuses on understanding how the cell types in the nervous system are made. We are particularly interested in describing the sequence of states that embryonic stem cells go through during their differentiation towards mature neurons in the central nervous system and the retina.

We make use of highly quantitative single-cell genomics techniques and machine learning tools to address our scientific questions. For example, we have used the wealth of data provided by single cell RNA sequencing to characterize the developmental process in entire tissues. One of the long-term goals of the lab is to understand the complex gene regulatory programs that lead to the formation of cell types in the nervous system.

We have the ambition to contribute to the fight against neurodegenerative and blinding diseases. We are convinced that our data-oriented and quantitative approach to biology is the way to build up information that can, then, immediately be used to support applied efforts.

Our work is supported by the EPFL Life Sciences Early Independence Research Scholarhip program of the School of  life sciences.

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We welcome applications from both experimentalists and analysts, being curious about how the nervous system develops and a quantitative mindset are an important plus.
Descriptions for the available projects

Contact: Gioele La Manno